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gaucherie_pie: girl with headset (Default)
Title: If I'm Not The Only One 
Status: Complete
Link: Here
Character: Sora

Title: Perfect Two
Status: Incomplete
Link: Here
Character: Sora

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If I'm Not The Only One 
One Hundred Prompts
1. Home 
"_____," he says with that simple smile of his, "let's go home."
2. Fun 
"It'll be fun," you remind him, and his love for adventures.
3. Glory 
The win was a glorious one for you, for you were a much better fighter than Sora.
4. Misery 
"You're miserable," Sora points out worriedly, "you're just like Eeyore."
5. Horror 
It was horrifying, you thought, the idea of him becoming a heartless again.
6. Ending 
"This is happily ever after," he tells you again, this time sincerely, "I'm here with you."
7. Lover 
"What kind of a lover would you be," you used to wonder, "Sora?"
8. Boy 
Sora was no longer the boy you used to know; instead he was becoming more and more of the man that you were expecting when you were younger.
9. Memory 
"I remember this," as you look at the photo of you and him, "we were like seven when this was taken."
10. Couple 
Goofy couldn't help himself, when he decided to ask if the two of you were a couple.
11. Heartbreaker 
"Do you think," he asks nervously, as he tosses the paopu fruit up and down, "Kairi likes me?"
12. Interruption 
He didn't mean to interrupt you, but he couldn't help asking, "are you okay?"
13. Problem 
"_____," he tells you seriously, "could you help me with something?"
14. Insomnia 
"I miss him," and that would keep you up every night.
15. Romance 
A love story between you and him, like that would ever happen.
16. Love 
"If I share this with you," he smiles, as he takes the paopu fruit from you, "we will meet again?"
17. Complication 
"It's complicated," you would say, whenever he would ask an opinion in regard to girls.
18. Jealousy 
"Kairi," you spoke with a hint of jealously, "she's over there with Selphie."
19. Luck 
It was by luck, that the paopu fruit you had picked up had belonged to Sora.
20. Body 
He grew up just fine, now if only you grew the same.

21. Friend 
"______," he says with a big grin, "of course you're my friend."
22. Happiness 
"Gosh," Goofy chuckles, "she looks so happy with you."
23. Telephone 
"Hi," as Sora clutches the phone closer to his left ear, "is this ______?"
24. Woman 
"I don't think he sees me as one," you pout, "do I look like a woman to you?"
25. Fantasy 
"______," who was standing there, unsure on what to do next, "do you want to play Final Fantasy?"
26. Button 
"Are you sure," he asks shyly, as he loosens your tie and unbuttons your dress shirt, "you want to keep going?"
27. Winter 
"I want to take her back to Christmas Town," he mentions to Donald and Goofy, "and celebrate Christmas there."
28. Bravery 
Bravely, you come in a bit closer, just enough to touch his lips with your own.
29. Sky 
"I really like his eyes," as you explain your feelings for him to Selphie, "they're like the sky."
30. Magic 
The fact that Sora was able to cast magic had always astounded you.
31. Umbrella 
On a rainy day like this, you don't regret forgetting your umbrella (since you got to share one with Sora).
32. Guitar 
There was a set of chords that you would play over and over again, whenever you began to think about him.
33. Morning 
"Good morning ______," he yawns.
34. Celebration 
"Jack says he needs help with the celebration," Sora goes on, "you're gonna help, right?"
35. Sex 
"Feels good," he pants, "feels good to be with you."
36. Map 
"So where do you think the treasure is," as the two of you looked over at the map together, "______?"
37. Temptation 
It was too tempting not to, and so you went and did it.
38. Child 
The two of you were only children at the time, but you never did forgot what it was like to be kissed by the boy you liked.
39. Power 
Sora didn't seem to be particularly happy when you told him that you thought Riku was stronger than him.
40. Confidence 
"I like you," Sora says with a bit of confidence, "I really like you."
41. Moment 
This is it, you thought, this is your chance to confess to him.
42. Cave 
In the Secret Place, was where you found yourself alone in that world of his.
43. Effort 
It was effortless, the way he would strike down his enemies, in your opinon.
44. Warning 
Without warning, Sora takes the paopu fruit from you, "I'm gonna need this."
45. Library 
Alone in the library with a magical book called the Hundred Acre Wood, you watch Sora and his friends play through the pages.
46. Service 
"Saving you," while you help him up, "is one of the many services I provide."
47. Jacket 
"Here," as he puts his jacket around you, "it's gonna get cold."
48. Accessory 
"Looks good on you," he admits, as he watches you put on the Angel Bangle.
49. Mirror 
As you look into the mirror, you imagined him right beside you.
50. Headache 
"You guys are giving me a headache," you yell, causing him and his friends to stop arguing.
51. Carpet 
"______," Sora cries out, as the flying carpet began to swerve, "hang on!"
52. Insecurity 
Sora felt unsure of his feelings, when you asked him if he had any for you.
53. Tournament 
It was around the third match, that Sora decided to look up and wave back to you.
54. Coffee 
Sora didn't drink coffee, but he did enjoy making it for you.
55. Message 
"So ______," he says with a love letter in his hand, "you like me?"
56. Company 
"You really are," as he rubs his nose for a bit, "great company."
57. Relief 
He seemed relieved to know that you weren't interested in Riku.
58. Training 
On days like this, you would watch him train with Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka.
59. Sun 
The two of you would lie in the sand together and bathe in the sun's rays.
60. Solitude 
It wasn't often that he was alone, but when he was, he would only think of you.
61. Water 
He takes his time wandering in the water, looking for a seashell to give you.
62. Music 
You don't tell anybody this, but you always thought the sound of the waves was a love song (about you and him).
63. Blur 
Whenever you try to take a picture of him, the photo always ends up looking blurry.
64. Truth 
"Honestly ______," as he looks to you slowly in the eyes, "I really think you are a great person."
65. Sunrise 
You would often wake up to sunrises and sunsets when you were with him.
66. Movie 
"I've watch this before," Sora grins, "you wanna watch it together?"
67. Chair 
You decide to sit in the seat that he always sits in class, just to see what he would do when he finds out.
68. Patience 
You could always put it off for another day, for when you get the guts to confess to him again.
69. Alarm 
Sora wakes up to the sound of you breathing, only to fall asleep to the sound of it again.
70. Confusion 
"What was more confusing," you ended up asking Selphie, "him liking me or him wanting me?"
71. Summer 
This summer, you tell yourself, you weren't going to chase him anymore.
72. Chance 
"This is your chance," you whisper to yourself, "hey Sora!"
73. Bed 
Under the covers, you find yourself in his arms with his hands holding yours.
74. Arrogance 
"Has he always been like that," you couldn't help but ask him, "you know, so arrogant?"
75. Sensitivity 
She's really sensitive when I do this, Sora thinks.
76. Weapon 
"What," while you looked over to your weapon, "what's wrong with a bamboo sword?"
77. Complaint 
"I got no complaint," this being your only response to one of her many questions, and to end it with your own "he's really good at it."
78. Gift 
You would wonder where he had gotten himself a thalassa seashell charm from.
79. Challenge 
"He always seem to be in the mood for a challenge," an observation that you only tell Selphie.
80. Speed 
"Sora's fast, but Riku's faster," you explain to Kairi, who doesn't seem to care who wins.
81. Journey 
"I'm ready," you tell him excitedly, "let's get going."
82. Trinket 
"So why are we," as you gave up a few thalassa shells to him that you had just found, "looking for seashells?"
83. Sadness 
"Are you sad," he asks you with what you probably thought was pity.
84. Race 
After the race with Riku, you went over to where Sora was and told him that the name Excalibur was a good name for the raft.
85. Pain 
"Didn't think that would hurt," Sora would often laugh loudly.
86. Defeat 
It wasn't like it was the first time you had lost, but it did remind you that Sora was getting stronger and stronger without you.
87. Curse
"It's like a curse," Sora tried to explain to you, "to become a Heartless."
88. Dependency
The thought of him had taken you farther and farther from home, to a place where you found yourself more and more alone.
89. Forgiveness 
He doesn't say sorry enough, you think.
90. Fire 
The two of you sit around the bonfire, waiting for other to come up with something to say in the midst of silence.
91. Sin 
"It's a sin to envy," Kairi reminds you with a strange smile, "______."
92. Ticket 
With this ticket to Twilight Town, you'll hopefully be seeing him soon.
93. Strength 
"This is your strength," you were told by a majestic king, "your love for him will keep you going when things get tough."
94. Hunger 
It tasted pretty bad, but you had to give him points for the effort he put into making the soup.
95. Drama 
It was a fight over this, a fight over that, over a boy who didn't know that you had feelings for him.
96. Beach 
He was always at the beach with his two best friends, and all it did was leave you wondering where you had fitted in.
97. Shame 
"It's a shame that Sora likes Kairi," Selphie would say to you, "the two of you would have made such a great couple!"
98. Hug 
"Hugs are important," he grins widely, as he hugs you even tighter.
99. Thrist 
He hands you a bottle of water that he had just drank, "want some?"
100. Kiss 
"______," as he kisses you softly again, "I've always wanted to do this with you."

Perfect Two (1/1)

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Perfect Two
Five Prompts
1. Girlfriend
Sora was generous with his hugs and kisses. He was generous to the point, he couldn't help, but want to give you a kiss before and after you would kiss him back. Hugs and kisses were what made your relationship work in the first place.
The two of you were enjoying each other, when he decided to pull away. "Yume."
He has his hands dangling by his side, as if they were hoping to hold yours. His fingers ended up tangling with yours, after you lend them to him. 
"______," as he tried to kiss you again, "I love you."
2. Promise
Sora had a lot of promises. It was his way to making friends. And he had at least one promise for every friend he made. He also intended to fulfill each and every one of them before he had to head back home.
However, the one he made the most promises to was you. "______."
"Yeah?" You looked up just in time to see him come over and sit down beside you. "What is it?"
"I want you to promise me," he said in a serious tone. "Promise me that we'll always be together."
You promised (him with a kiss).
3. Dreaming Of You
Sora had all kinds of dreams. What he dreamt of the most was of you. You and him on an unforgettable adventure.
"I dreamt about you again," he said, looking away from you with a small smile on his face, "it was a lot of fun."
He had taken cover under the blanket over you. "What was it about?" 
"It was about us," he decided to lie, "on a flying pirate ship."
It happened to be a dream about a you wearing clothes you would never dare to wear, and a you going on about things you knew nothing of.

4. Differences
"Sora," you said, knowing that it would get his attention, "I'm here."
He looked up in time to see a side of you that he had never seen before. "______?"
You were without your usual tank top, shorts, and sandals. Instead you were wearing a dress and a pair of flats for the occasion. 
"What do you think?" Did he noticed that you were wearing makeup? Did you put on too much lipstick? Or too little blush?
He got up to his feet to say, "you look different."
"Different?" Was that a good thing? Or a bad thing?  
5. Trouble Is A Friend

Sora was just a friend. "______."
What kind of a friend? He was that kind of friend who knew each and everything about you. He even knew the reason why you would fall in love.
"______," so when he said you name again (this time more slowly), you couldn't help, but looked up, "I love you."
Having a friend like him around was difficult for you. For he made you feel all sort of feelings. Feelings that you wished would just go away.
"I love you too." (Which was mostly true.)
In the end, you were just a friend too.


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