Perfect Two (1/1)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 09:11 pm
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Perfect Two
Five Prompts
1. Girlfriend
Sora was generous with his hugs and kisses. He was generous to the point, he couldn't help, but want to give you a kiss before and after you would kiss him back. Hugs and kisses were what made your relationship work in the first place.
The two of you were enjoying each other, when he decided to pull away. "Yume."
He has his hands dangling by his side, as if they were hoping to hold yours. His fingers ended up tangling with yours, after you lend them to him. 
"______," as he tried to kiss you again, "I love you."
2. Promise
Sora had a lot of promises. It was his way to making friends. And he had at least one promise for every friend he made. He also intended to fulfill each and every one of them before he had to head back home.
However, the one he made the most promises to was you. "______."
"Yeah?" You looked up just in time to see him come over and sit down beside you. "What is it?"
"I want you to promise me," he said in a serious tone. "Promise me that we'll always be together."
You promised (him with a kiss).
3. Dreaming Of You
Sora had all kinds of dreams. What he dreamt of the most was of you. You and him on an unforgettable adventure.
"I dreamt about you again," he said, looking away from you with a small smile on his face, "it was a lot of fun."
He had taken cover under the blanket over you. "What was it about?" 
"It was about us," he decided to lie, "on a flying pirate ship."
It happened to be a dream about a you wearing clothes you would never dare to wear, and a you going on about things you knew nothing of.

4. Differences
"Sora," you said, knowing that it would get his attention, "I'm here."
He looked up in time to see a side of you that he had never seen before. "______?"
You were without your usual tank top, shorts, and sandals. Instead you were wearing a dress and a pair of flats for the occasion. 
"What do you think?" Did he noticed that you were wearing makeup? Did you put on too much lipstick? Or too little blush?
He got up to his feet to say, "you look different."
"Different?" Was that a good thing? Or a bad thing?  
5. Trouble Is A Friend

Sora was just a friend. "______."
What kind of a friend? He was that kind of friend who knew each and everything about you. He even knew the reason why you would fall in love.
"______," so when he said you name again (this time more slowly), you couldn't help, but looked up, "I love you."
Having a friend like him around was difficult for you. For he made you feel all sort of feelings. Feelings that you wished would just go away.
"I love you too." (Which was mostly true.)
In the end, you were just a friend too.


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